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Trip to UK combined with work and leisure

This July, I attended my first international conference during my PhD in Manchester, UK, which is The European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring Series (EWSHM) 2018. Here I presented my paper :
Long L., Thöns S., Döhler M. The effects of SHM system parameters on the value of damage detection information EWSHM 2018, The 9th European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring Series, Manchester, UK, 10-13 July 2018
Before the conference, I also attended a 3-day EWSHM workshop "Structural Health Mornitoring Using Statistical Pattern Recognition "by Los Alamos Dynamics,LLC in University of Manchester. Thanks Mr. Charles R. Farrar, Michael Todd and Eric Flynn for opening the door of  Structural health monitoring to me. 
My presentation was on the second day of the conference under the special session of :Case studies and theoretical developments in quantifying the value of SHM.
On the third day, a tour of Manchester United football stadium and museum at Old Trafford followed by the Gala Dinner was arranged. Good for those football fans :)
Of course on the first day of the conference,  we also had evening activity to Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI). Here we saw the world first steam engine train!
And we watched the world cup football match semi final together at that night, I only remembered UK didn't win ...
After the conference, it was such a release. I finally can start my two-weeks holiday in UK. I forgot to mention it was my first time in UK and thanks for the conference opportunity, I finally had the chance to explore this country. Of course, the journey started in London.
Windsor castle, where Megan and Harry get married:)
Cambridge university, in which I always want to visit.
And don't forget to take a boat trip.
Liverpool CAVERN club, where BEATLES started their show.
Edinburgh, which is now become my favorite city in UK.
Loch Ness, unfortunately I didn't see the Loch Ness monster.

The Isle of Skye, where I saw the seals family, super cute.
S.T Andrews , where Kate and William met:)
That is all my summer holiday! Have to back to work now. What did you do on this summer ?


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