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Let's add some fun for presenting scientific work!

In this post I would like to share some examples on how to present scientific work in a more interesting way based on my experience. Since my project is about quantification of the value of structural health monitoring before its implementation, the goal is to help decision maker to save money and make better decision. So that I came up with idea of making an advertisement: Let your investment be worthy. I made this  presentation  to the people from industry during the 3rd Implementation day  in COWI and everyone was amused when they saw this slide. I got very positive feedback afterwards.   During the process of investigating my research project, I gradually found that I was performing a role like a consultant to solve questions from the client who has problem making decisions.  I came up with the idea : why not presenting this interaction like chatting on WhatsApp or Messenger?  So that I made this   Messenger poster  to present my research questions and results. In thi