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Keep calm and write paper? No, I can't...

This post is in memory of my first conference paper and it is also a summary of my work for the past six months since I started my PhD. I mentioned in my last post that I got my PhD offer since last September, but I waited almost three months until I got my contract and started work legally in German. After three months of waiting (vacation), I was so ready to go back to work again and I was also so excited to start my new life in Berlin. Last December, on my first day of work, my supervisor gave me a task and a pile of references. He suggested me to start from solving this task and write a conference paper for the IWSHM 2017. To be honest, when I first read the task, I had no clue about it and there were even some keywords that I don’t know at all before.   I wrote down all the keywords that I don’t understand and read their definitions and applications.   I started to read the references that my supervisor gave to me. I spent almost one and half month to unders