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Why should you apply for Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN PhD program?

When I applied for my present position, I have no idea how great it is. Last June I just submitted my master thesis in University of Stavanger, Norway and started seeking chances for PhD. I studied Offshore Technology-Risk Management in Norway and hold a bachelor degree from China in Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering. I accidently saw this position on EURAXESS and applied in the mid of June just before the deadline.   After two months’ waiting (suffering), I received the invitation for interview, and at the beginning of September I got the offer. Since last December, I started my PhD. Now after I get involved in and I have a full understanding of the whole project, I must say this is the best PhD program that I can ever imagine! I am so lucky to be selected. It is more like a trainee program between industries and universities. We are also being called as Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). My main base is in Berlin, BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Te